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Business Essential Black (PVC)

A clean, sleek design that embodies modern minimalism.
Discover the elegance of simplicity with our Matt PVC Black NFC business card. Designed with a clean, sleek finish, this card is a testament to modern minimalism. It’s more than just a card; it’s a powerful networking tool designed to seamlessly share your information and capture leads effortlessly.


  • Customized with your Logo
  • Elegant minimalist design with a sleek black finish.
  • Built with near-field communication (NFC) technology for instant information sharing.
  • Durable, lightweight, and fits comfortably in your pocket.
  • Comes with a unique feature that allows you to access and manage your leads effectively.
  • Update your info anytime, here

Price: USD $49.99

Business Essential White (PVC)

For those who prefer a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

PVC White NFC business card is the epitome of sophistication. Its stylish white design gives it an air of professional elegance, perfect for making a strong impression. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this card is a potent networking tool, designed to simplify the process of sharing your information and gathering leads.


  • Customized with your Logo.
  • Stylish and sophisticated black design.
  • Equipped with NFC technology for seamless information sharing.
  • Durable and lightweight for easy portability.
  • Features a unique leads management system, allowing you to access and organize your leads efficiently.
  • Update your info anytime, here

Price: USD $49.99

Business Supreme Metal card (Laser Engraved)

The ultimate statement of professional luxury.

Make a bold statement with our Black, Gold and Steel Metal Laser Engraved NFC business card. The ultimate choice for professionals seeking to stand out, this card pairs a stunning laser-engraved design with advanced NFC technology, providing a seamless and impressive networking experience.


  • Luxurious black metal card with a unique laser-engraved design.
  • Equipped with NFC technology for easy and instant sharing of your professional details.
  • Robust and durable, designed to make a lasting impression.
  • Features a leads management system, empowering you to effectively access and organize your leads.
  • Update your info anytime, here

Price: USD $99.99

Google Review Tile - Boost YouR google reviews!

Tap to Connect, Get More Reviews Instantly!

Presenting our Business Dkontact Tiles, the ultimate tool to supercharge your online reputation. Crafted with precision from high-quality PVC material, these tiles boast a premium finish and an epoxy coating, exuding professionalism. With the state-of-the-art NFC 215 chip integrated, they offer seamless connectivity. The included 8×8 double-sided tape ensures secure placement.


  • Get Instant Review: Easily guide your visitors to your Google My Business profile for immediate reviews
  • Boost Visibility: Be instantly visible to potential customers and enhance your online presence.
  • Effortless Setup: Use the included double-sided tape for quick, hassle-free installation.

Price: USD $49.99

Multi Review Tile - Amplify Your Online Presence with DkonTACT!

Collect More Reviews, Boost Your Brand with Dkontact!

Introducing our Multi Review Tiles, designed to take your online reputation to new heights in partnership with Dkontact. These premium tiles, meticulously crafted from PVC material and impeccably finished, radiate quality. An epoxy coating adds a touch of professionalism, while the embedded NFC 215 chip ensures seamless connectivity. 


  • Review Collection: Effortlessly gather reviews from your customers, guiding them to your preferred review platforms via Dkontact.
  • Get More Followers: Increase your online presence, attract more followers, and bolster your brand’s reach with Dkontact.
  • Dynamic Links: Tailor links to direct visitors to your social profiles through Dkontact, enabling you to track analytics and adapt your strategy. Add/Edit your social links anytime using your access to our web app.
  • Instant Visibility: Enhance your online visibility with Multi Review Tiles, making it easier for potential customers to discover your brand.
  • Hassle-Free installation: Swiftly install these tiles with ease just peel the sticker from back and stick to any flat customer facing surface, and start getting visibility and reviews

Price: USD $49.99

*Monthly Subscription: Access our Multi Review service, powered by Dkontact, for just $4.99 per month and consistently elevate your online reputation. Single subscription works for multiple tiles per business location.

Leave behind the days of carrying around stacks of paper cards.

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How it works.

Our NFC business cards are remarkably simple to use.

STEp 1

Simply tap your card on someone’s phone, and your contact information will appear on their screen.

STEp 2

They can save your details directly to their contacts or choose to share their info with you

STEp 3

Turn every interaction into a potential lead-generation opportunity, helping you grow your professional network more efficiently.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFC business card?

NFC business cards utilize Near Field Communication technology to transfer contact information from the card to a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device. It’s a quick, convenient, and contactless way to share your details.

Do I need a special app to use an NFC business card?

No, you don’t need a special app. Most modern smartphones come with NFC capabilities. However, certain functionalities like lead management might require an associated app.

What information can I store on my NFC business card?

You can store a wide range of information on your NFC business card, including your name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, website, and social media profiles.

How does an NFC business card work?

Simply tap the NFC card to an NFC-enabled smartphone, and your contact information will be transferred immediately to the device. The recipient can then save your details to their contacts.

What is lead management, and how does it work with an NFC card?

Lead management is a feature that allows you to manage and keep track of the people who have tapped your NFC business card. This feature is useful for following up on potential business opportunities.

How can I update the information on my NFC business card?

You can update the information on your NFC business card through the Dkontact platform.